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Henny Penny's interests go beyond essential equipment to important accessories and supply programs that help keep things running smoothly.

Dump Station & 
		Table Dump Station and Table

Henny Penny portable dump stations help improve frying production, save on counter space, and offer flexibility of use and location. With optional heating lamp and enclosed storage it is the perfect compliment to your Henny Penny fryer.

Henny Penny also produces a heavy-duty, mobile dump table with specially designed dump pan for use next to their fryers.

		Cutter Potato Cutter

Using the Henny Penny potato cutter is the quickest, easiest and most economical way to cut, chop, and wedge fresh potatoes, carrots, celery, onions, and more!

The Henny Penny Potato Cutter is a durable, lightweight mechanical cutter with interchangeable cutting grids. A shorter throw and ergonomic handle reduce operator fatigue. Designed for mounting on wall or countertop.

Shortening Shuttle Shortening Shuttle

Shortening shuttles are transportable containers designed specifically for draining, transporting and disposing of hot used shortening from Henny Penny open fryers. When properly used, the shuttle helps avoid spills and other safety concerns by eliminating the need to lift and carry hot shortening in open containers. There are two models to choose from. One is for disposal into 55-gallon drums and the other into taller containers.

Dual Timer Modules
Timer Modules

Henny Penny Dual Timer Modules make it easy and economical for fast-paced, high-volume kitchens to control any number of time-sensitive food prep procedures.

Each module consists of two timers with separate displays and separate start/stop and set capabilities. Perfect for timing separate items in common environments, such cooking, holding, marinating, defrosting, re-heating, etc. Modules can be assembled in multiples on single power-source rails.

Filter Pads
Filter Pads

SuperSorb filter pads are composed of a unique filtration medium that combines activated carbon with a variety of proven filter agents. The result is an easy-to-use, long-lasting filter pad developed exclusively for Henny Penny fryers that significantly extends shortening life (thus reducing shortening costs) while improving the quality of fried foods.

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