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Fast Eddy's

Fast Eddy's by Cookshack Model FEC100

Fast Eddy's by Cookshack 100% wood-burning smoker oven for caterers, competition cooks and serious backyard bbq'ers. The FEC100 has won dozens of competitions for its inventor Ed "Fast Eddy" Maurin and other professional competition bbq'ers. The FEC100 delivers flavor and ease of use without a big fuss.

Fast Eddy's FEC100
  • 100% wood smoke flavor tastes just like Grandaddy used to do it. The FEC100 burns 100% wood pellets, made by heat compression of pure wood sawdust. There are no fillers to bind the sawdust.
  • Large capacity: In only one load the FEC100 smoke-cooks up to 100 lbs. pork butts, 80 lbs. brisket, 60 lbs. ribs or 24 chickens.
  • Thermostatically-controlled heat gives you consistent product. You rest easy knowing that your food is going to come out just right with every load.
  • Easy, flip-of-the switch starting gets your FEC100 up to smoking temperature quickly. And the heat-recovery time after opening the door is fast, often in only 10 minutes, because the burner safely stays on when the doors are open. As a result, you gain valuable cooking time compared to conventional smokers that often take a half hour or more to get back to cooking temp each time the lid is lifted.
  • Your choice of flavor profiles with the FEC100 is as easy as picking up a 40 lb. bag of easily obtainable pellets. Choose from a wide selection of wood pellets: oak, hickory, alder, pecan, mesquite and others in handy, easy-to- handle bags. Start with one kind, finish with another or blend them for your own signature smoke flavor.
  • Compact efficiency: Outside dimensions are only 45" wide, 22" deep and 64" high, yet you can barbecue enough in one load to feed more than 200 people 1/3 lb. servings of butts, or 150 people 1/3 lb. servings of brisket, or 90 people ribs with each getting 1/3 of a 3-lb. slab, or serve 96 people chicken quarters. That’s mighty big output from such a small footprint.
  • Hopper capacity is 20 lbs.of pellets, which means all nighters are easier than ever. No need to check the fire every hour or two. Just load it with the pellets of your choice, set the thermostat and rely on the FEC100 to tend your fire within an optimum cooking range all night.
  • Stainless steel construction, inside and out gives you a smoker built for a long, useful life. The FEC100 weighs in at a sturdy 416 lbs. and is crafted from strong, 18-gauge 304 stainless steel and/or powder coated carbon steel, which means no rust, no painting and easy cleanup. In addition, the double-wall construction is insulated with 850F fiberglass for superior heat retention and fuel savings.
  • Electrical and pellet economy: The FEC100 runs at 2.5 amps/300 watts @ 120 VAC, which means pennies per hour operating cost. Pellets cost about $20 for 40 lbs. Expect a finished cost of about 5 cents per lb.
  • Versatile and creative cooking with the FEC100 is a snap and a joy. You can be as creative as you want. That’s a big plus and a lot of fun for both the competition cook and the backyarder. Want to cook steaks, go ahead and crank her up all the way. The FEC100 can turn steaks on a par with high-end restaurants. Turn it down low and make jerky or smoke salmon-- change the temperature with the turn of a knob on the thermostatically-controlled FEC100. Want to bake a cake or biscuits? You can do that, too. Want to start low and slow, but finish your product with high temp to crisp up the outside? You can, in mere minutes with the FEC100 by a simple turn of a dial thanks to the fast response time of the patented Traeger fully-automatic wood pellet system. It takes only minutes to go from low smoking temperature to a steak-searing 465F with the FEC100. No other smoker is this versatile.
  • Easy-rolling casters allow moving with little effort. And, when you get it where you want it, you can lock it into place so it’ll stay put while you add and remove your product, baste or just open up to take a peek or show off your cue to curious bystanders.
  • 4 steel plated, 23"x17" cooking grills are easy to remove for cleanup. Toss them in the dishwasher if you want, or clean them easily in the sink
  • The FEC100 comes complete with grills, side racks, drip pan, easy- roll casters and a complete Operator’s Manual. In addition, you get a Cookshack Spice Kit containing 1 gal. Spicy Barbecue Sauce, 1 gal. Mild Barbecue Sauce, 5 lbs. RibRub, 5 lbs. Spicy Chicken Rub, 10 oz. Chili Mix, 10 oz. Spicy Barbecue Sauce Mix, plus a 40- lb. bag of pellets to get you smoking right away.
  • Even first-time competition barbecuers using their FEC100’s are drawing attention and calls to the winner’s circle at events across the country. This has created a stir, because everyone knows how difficult it is to get their name called at a cook-off, yet these newbies have been doing quite well in their first events. This speaks well of the FEC100 and the consistent, high quality of the entries it enables users to put in the box for judging. The FEC100’s flexibility and ease of use allows plenty of time for creative presentation.
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